Ramsey Animal Bust

If you’re looking for a unique sculpture that will definitely turn heads, look no further than the Ramsey Animal Bust ! The cast resin sculpture is sure to be a conversation piece and is available in Fall ’15.


Hand carved from chunks of solid crystal quartz, these bowls are simple yet beautiful with their expert craftsmanship. They are available in three different sizes and used for serving food or even showcasing jewelry. 

 Small: approx. 3 1/2″ l x 2 3/4″ w x 1 1/2″ h                                                        Medium: approx. 4 1/2″ l x 3 1/2″ w x 2 1/4″ h                                                          Large: approx. 7″ l x 5″ w x 3″ 


These spun metal sculptures can be just what you need to make any wall, a feature wall ! Inspired by the shapes and textures of a sea urchin shell, these are available in 3 different sizes.

Small: 9″Dia. x 4.5″Deep                                                                             Medium: 12″Dia. x 5.5″Deep                                                                                           Large: 19″Dia. x 6″Deep

at-brklyn-designs-aviva-stanoff-larger4 aviva-stanoff-decorative-pillows-500

These handmade pillows reflect intricately hand sewn seafans in a background of velvet waves. The velvet is hued with small batch dyes in an ombre effect in a variety of colors from blues to whites.

Sea Fans                                                                                                                           Small: 12″h x 20″w                                                                                             Medium: 120″h x 20″w            

Jewels                                                                                                                                Small: 10″h x 10″w                                                                                                           Medium: 12″h x 20″w                                                                                                     Large: 18″l x 18″w       

iron hand bowl

The iron hand bowl is a great place to drop your keys or prized possessions, as the open hands await to hold whatever items you drop into them. The hand bowl can also be used as a sculptural accent piece.                  

Dimensions: 6.5″l x 6″w x 3.5″h                    


These highly detailed solid glass paperweight jellyfish look beautiful in a space whether for functional or design purposes. Available in a multitude of colors and sizes.

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