Inspired by natures’ forms and compositions, Charles Marksberry, has created these one of a kind, colorful paintings. Whether in a triptych or installed alone, these original mixed media and metallic ink pieces are sure to turn heads in any interior. 

clouds 4

Ever want to float away on clouds ? This hand painted oil on canvas of one in a series in the Clouds collection. 

Dimensions: 40″ w x 40″ h

Abstract Study 6 Small

The Abstract Study paintings are part of a large collection and consist of hand painted acrylic on canvas.

Dimensions: 48″ w x 48″ h

lord bodner natural curiosities

Undoubtedly a statement piece, the octopus is a wonderfully bizarre create. These representations of a rigorously articulated 19th-century engraving invoke the haunting, otherworldly magic of this mythic beast.      

Dimensions: 56″ w x 44″ h                                                                             Available unframed as well.


This Golden Urchin art is a go-to for us ! This mixed media piece combines silk screened acrylic color fields and gold painted sea urchins peeking through underneath to create a feeling of discovery.

Dimensions: 20.625″ w x 28.625″ h                                                                             

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